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Lies Make Everything All Better

I heard a comedian say one time “lies keep you together”, you have to wonder when Ron Phipps, the current President of the National Association of Realtors speaks if that is what he is thinking. Does anybody really think the real estate market is headed in the right direction, well Phipps does:

What Home Honestly Means

Ask several citizens that would identify the meaning of home and you will more than likely get unique responses. Although the common denominator for all is having a place to call your own, a place where lives and everyday experiences can unfold and a space to inhabit with the folks as well as the things which really mean probably the most to us. Men and women are re-prioritizing and therefore focusing on what seriously matters to them. Home as investment has taken a back seat to livability, the new, more practical motivator. Looking for a home that’s not too big, not too small and yet “just right” is not just a Goldilocks’ request; you will find it is what people are seeking. Flexible type floor plans or recommendations for making use of standard spaces in atypical ways can help you plug your lifestyle perfectly into a home and think of the potential uses over and above what is actually now there: I don’t need an extra bedroom; I would like an extremely big storage room!

NAR Spins the Truth Again

Stretch the TruthThis years president of the National Association of Realtors, Ron Phipps, just stated in a blog dated Feb 24, 2011, "We're unlocking credit markets, fighting attacks on home ownership, boosting the economy, and reaching out to consumers. Is it paying off? Home sales are rising, and home ownership is still a core American value.” Notice I said this years president. NAR changes presidents every year. Have you ever seen a major national organization of this size (1.2M+ members) change presidents every year? Did you ever wonder if the idea behind the president's

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Are Real Estate Agents ALL Infected? Part 2

DoctorAs you can see from “Are Real Estate Agents ALL Infected? Part 1” I have been able to diagnosis the agent is infected with a dose of STUPID, but I still didn't know how far the infection had spread.

I continued to dialog with the agent who finally admitted they were trying to obtain a listing and that was the real reason for the call. They finally told me who they where and what company they were associated with. I now realized STUPID had progressed far enough that the agent had forgotten the

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Homes Sales Are Up in Kansas, Sales Price is Another Story?

Going Up

Sales are up and that’s good for the seller’s needing out of their homes right now, but what’s the rest of the story. Find out if the home sale price is headed up or down.