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40 year family legacy equals experience.



Who is working for whom?



If you don’t have one you will lose. 


todd carrison

A home is where memories are made.


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Real Estate Updates

Real estate news is everywhere and I try to keep you informed in my own way by writing my own articles.  Learn More

Family News

My Build G.E.L. magazine is targets building a strong family and the issues families have to deal with nowadays. Learn More

Radio Controlled Planes

My family loves building and flying radio controlled planes so much we teach other how to get involved.  Learn More

Realizing the Potential

There are literally hundreds of homes for sale in Olathe both used and new. New homes are great and they do have some advantages; the main advantage being “New”. New roof, new windows, new flooring, new yard, plus they have never been lived in. New homes are nice.

Used homes, better known as resale homes, all have great potential. New roof, new windows, new flooring, upgraded landscaping, and have established character. Realizing the potential of a used home with character is only part of what I do; understanding the strategy used to get the job done is what I do best.


  • Top Producing Agent
  • Licensed in 1986
  • Full-time Agent
  • Continuing a Family Legacy
  • Strong Family Values
  • Over 1,200 Homes Sold
  • Over 300 Investment Properties Sold
  • Excellent Negotiating Skills
  • Giant Marketing Area
  • Managed more than 100 Investment Properties
  • Currently Own 20 Rentals
  • Johnson County Expert
  • Olathe Resident 45+ Years
  • Love Airplanes